Wander List

Generally I hate the name “Bucket List” so here’s my renamed “Wander List” since so many of my goals are travel related. I’ve separated them into categories so it’s easier to read.

The plan is to check them off one at a time and blog about them when they’ve been accomplished.


Wander List

Health and Fitness

Run a 5k color run

Learn to swing dance

Learn to belly dance

Learn to samba

Learn to salsa dance

Lose 20 pounds (178)

Lose 40 pounds (158)

Lose 60 pounds (138)

Lose 73 pounds (Goal Weight: 125)

Go scuba diving

Get scuba diving certificate

Learn to surf

Ride a camel in the desert

Go white water rafting

Get a cooking lesson from a chef

Take a trapeze lesson

Be able to do a pull up

Be able to do 10 pull ups

Be able to do a real push up

Be able to do 10 real push ups

Be able to do a clappy push up

Be able to do 10 clappy push ups

Do a Turkish get up




North America

Surf in Hawaii

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Eat lobster in Maine

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Horseback riding in Swan Valley, Montana


Mexico City/Aztecs


Seattle, Washington

SXSW- Austin, Texas

Harry Potterland/Florida

Ellis Island, NYC

Top of the Statue of Liberty, NYC

Arthur Avenue in the Bronx to buy some real Italian food

Listen to music at Bluegrass Underground in McMinnville, TN

Spend at least a day in all 50 states



Drink a Guinness in Dublin

Visit Stonehenge in England

See Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower

Oktoberfest in Germany

Drive the Autobahn

Visit Santorini, Greece

Visit Dracula’s castle in Romania

Do the Camino de Santiago from the French town

Drink real champagne in the French countryside

Visit the gods at the Parthenon in Greece

Go to Tomatina in Spain

See all the classics at the Louvre in Paris

Look for Loch Ness monster in Scotland

Ride the Trans-Siberian Express across Russia

Great Russian Adventure- St. Basil’s Cathedral

See the Northern Lights in Iceland

Bucharest, Romania

Stockholm, Sweden

Tulip fields, Netherlands




Middle East/Africa

Visit Petra, Jordan and look for the Holy Grail

See the pyramids of Egypt

Visit Hagia Sophia in Istanbul


South Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro


South America

Hike up mountain to Machu Pichu

Dance samba in Brazil

Carnival in Brazil

See the Giant Christ in Rio de Janiero


Easter Island

Mayan Ruins/Guatemala



See Great Wall of China

Seoul, Korea

Tokyo, Japan

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Angor Wat, Cambodia



Visit all 7 continents


New Zealand

Hobbit town in New Zealand

Scuba dive in Great Barrier Reef

Antarctica- Feed a penguin




Buy a nice camera- Canon Rebel T3i

Learn Adobe photoshop really well

Have a photography portfolio (100 professional quality shots)

Learn to use Adobe Illustrator

Create a design on Illustrator

Design my website

Have a blog/website

Choose a name for the blog

Write 10 blog posts

Write 100 blog posts

Write 1,000 blog posts

Write 10,000 blog posts

Act in an independent film

Design a t-shirt line

Put t-shirt line into production

Make my own movie

Record an original song

Write a song

Take an improv class

Have 10 followers

Have 100 followers

Have 1,000 followers

Have 100,000 followers

Have 1,000,000 followers

Do a Ted Talk

Go to Word Domination Summit

Speak at World Domination Summit

Make $1,000 per month independently

Make $2,000 per month independently

Make $3,000 per month independently

Make $4,000 per month independently

Make $5,000 per month independently

Publish an e-book

Do a month long e-course

Have a Youtube Channel

Review AFI’s top 100 movies on the Youtube channel

Earn 100,000 miles travel hacking (50,000 so far)

Earn 250,000 miles travel hacking

Earn 500,0000 miles travel hacking

Earn 1,000,000 miles travel hacking



Publish a novel

Write a comic book

Write a screenplay

Have a screenplay become a movie

Make the NY Times Bestseller list



A bit of Whimsy

Swim with dolphins

Donate blood and find out my blood type

Dye my hair a crazy color

Go to a TED conference

Dance on a rooftop

Be an extra in a film

Swim in a waterfall pool

Donate money to put my name on something

Ride in a hot air balloon

Create a family tree

Get a tattoo

Become a wine sommelier

Drink coffee at Tiffany’s on Fifth Ave like Audrey Hepburn

Picnic in Central Park

Get a custom dress made for me

Get CPR certified

Be completely debt free and reclaim my freedom

Obtain dual citizenship

Get into the Guinness Book of World Records for something

Learn to speak fluent Italian

Learn to speak fluent French

Learn conversational Portuguese

Learn to speak fluent Portuguese

Go to a film premiere

Learn to shoot a gun

Learn to play the autoharp

Buy an autoharp

Go to a comic book convention

Own a real Parson guitar (Bonus points if it’s the Red Queen)

Get a cool bomber jacket like Top Gun

Dress up like Boardwalk Empire



Big Life Goals

Buy a rental/investment property

Buy a castle