How to Include More Adventure When You’re Working Full Time

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Blogging has not been the priority in my life for the first couple months of 2015. Between work, the gym, and trying to find a couple hours to unwind, adventure has been the last thing on my mind. To get myself inspired again, I asked for advice from a couple of my favorite travel writers.

Kristin Luna, from Camels and Chocolate, recommends that you “maximize your every vacation and holiday” by fitting in travel where you can. From her home base in Nashville, Luna tries to fit in a quick weekend getaway when she can to nearby cities like Miami or New Orleans. You can still have a new interesting experience even if you’re not too far from home. Even if your vacation days are limited, it doesn’t mean that your sense of adventure has to be stifled.

Lost in Cheeseland, a site about French culture from the perspective of an ex-pat, says she conducts “some of [her]¬†research with friends who provide their input, which enriches the experience,” instead of going at it¬†alone. And that making the time for travel and cultural experiences, like going to the gym or spending time with friends, should be a just as much a priority. Blogging, writing, and working don’t have to be exempt from having fun with friends and family.

At Fevered Mutterings, Mike Sowden recommends “Decide what success looks like.” Whether you work full time or travel full time, your goals for living an authentic life are ultimately your own decision. After having a heart attack, Sowden decided to quit his job and make travel a full time priority. While I might not be at that point, there’s no harm in asking the question now.

If you’re not ready to commit to travel full time, micro adventures are a great option for those of us short on free time. Maybe you can find a place to go camping on Saturday or take an afternoon to travel to an unfamiliar part of your own city. A sense of adventure doesn’t have to be something planned out and far away. It can literally be camping in your own backyard.

To me, travel has been the best way to open my mind to new experiences. When I’m working and living my day to day routine, I’m not as open to trying a new Mexican-Vietnamese fusion restaurant or taking a stroll around Central Park. It’s been helpful to figure out that everyone deals with the same conflict (even the pros at times!) and realize that there are a lot of options even when free time is scarce.

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